Module 3

Allowing the right support to drop into our lives.

It can be scary to allow help and support into our lives and businesses.

There are so many reasons WHY we feel like we need to do it all ourselves.

Most of us were raised to do everything ourselves, yet there are often two different reasons why we feel this way.

Either we feel like we can’t afford to hire help. Yet wouldn’t it be easier if we focused on what we do best, that actually brings us money, and outsource tasks that cost us energy and time? Easier said than done for many of us.

Or, we feel like no one will do things as perfectly as we’d do them.

Or, sometimes it’s just plain ingrained into us that we need to do it ourselves as our family always did it this way. Who do we think we are, doing it differently and allowing support to drop in?

Yet the price we’re paying is huge. Not only do we lose time, things that aren’t our jam cost us energy, so the free time we have left, we often need to spend it recovering. In turn, we lose even more time and joy that we could’ve experienced otherwise.

Dive into the workbook. Play with the exercises and tapping scripts provided to get clear on what areas of your life you’d like support with. What could that look like? If you had the support you desire, what would that feel like? Start to release all the agendas that are holding you back from allowing yourself the extra support you need to grow by following the tapping scripts.