Module 2

Finally, create the Habits that really serve you with more ease.

As you continue on this journey, it’s crucial for you to stay centered, focused, and believe in yourself as you’re the creator of your own life.

Part two of this module will help you work through the resistance that may come up to finally become the next best version of yourself. Start by watching the “Working through Resistance Video,” then use the tapping scripts below.

Keep in mind: who would you like to be in two years? What is she doing and how does she fully embrace her life? Pick two habits and start integrating them into your life now so they can become your reality easily.

This is not a sprint.

You don’t need to get everything perfectly right.. Rather commit fully and take one step a day towards your dreams (baby steps are great). Always check in with yourself, no matter how big or how small the step might be, and ask yourself, “does this serve my new or old self?” before you act, or buy something new. This little task will catapult you light years ahead and you’ll get much faster to where you desire to be.

Download your workbook and worksheet.