Module 3

Bring joy, fun, and laughter into your life, raise your frequency, and have rituals that support you to stick to create your dream life.

In part three of this module, when you start developing daily rituals, you will embody the new best version of yourself and reach your goals with more ease.

Get started by watching the “Creating Daily Rituals Video” and then use the exercises in this guide to support you.

Recognize your first thought:

Make it a game and try to always notice your first thought. This will help you realize when you’re in your own way and if there’s anything you need to have a closer look at so it can evolve and transform. Also, once you get clear and start to build awareness on your first thoughts, they’ll guide you. It’s an intuitive impulse from within. It’s your body wisdom talking to you and guiding you in the right direction.

Download your workbook.

Sublingual Affirmation

Listen to the Sublingual Affirmation audio as often as you can. A minimum of 2-3 times per week, or ideally once a day. They’ll help you to calm down and realign so you can build a business that truly fulfills you (instead of just making money). This helps you to serve many people with more ease.

For best results, use headphones. You have two different variations to choose from. One is best to listen to before you go to bed, or to calm down and relax. The other one is ideally used when concentrating at work. Please do not use them while operating machinery or driving a car.

Download you are subliminal affirmations for easy use.

New Best Self Sublingual Affirmation’s to be used during work and concentration times.

New Best Self Sublingual Affirmation’s to be used to calm down relax and go to sleep.