Episode 13: The Four Seasons of Life with Joanna Lindenbaum

In this episode, Corin is joined by a dear mentor and teacher, Joanna Lindenbaum.

Joanna shares her wisdom on the four seasons of life and business, how the seasons impact us, and how we can use those energies to make life and business a little bit easier.

In our modern culture, there is only one energetic pace which is go go go.

It is so deeply embedded in our belief systems that we forget to question what it means to be successful in the world, what it means to be valuable, or what it means to have a happy life.

When we live this way it does not serve us as human beings, our nervous systems, or our well-being, as we end up experiencing symptoms such as exhaustion, anxiety, fatigue, and insomnia.

We can learn from nature that it doesn’t work well with this one-dimensional pace, as its energetic cycle is divided into Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall.

And this concept applies to us as human beings too.

Once we learn how to embody and honor each season we are in, we enhance our creativity, our inspiration, our well-being and live as our highest self.

Episode time stamps

00:00 Introduction: How the four seasons impact us in life and business

7:49 The four seasons in our everyday lives

19:09 The gift in honoring and embodying the four seasons 

27:27 How to connect back with nature’s wisdom 

30:23 Wrap up

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Love, Corin