Episode 14: Honoring the Winter Phase in Life & Business.

Winter holds such a powerful gift for us to grow in alignment with who we truly are as we nourish and nurture ourselves.

Many of us have been conditioned to dismiss or fear winter as it represents darkness, stagnant energy, and lifelessness.

Others have been conditioned to continuously keep going, to never stop and rest, as it can be seen as being lazy or not productive.

Yet this is the most potent time when we can dream big and plant the seeds of new beginnings.

Although the Winter phase is a time when things feel stagnant and lifeless, it’s a time to meet our shadows, befriend them and bring light to the darker places within us; As all change needs to happen from the inside out.

By allowing ourselves to nurture and nourish ourselves, we gain the stretch and build the capacity to create change.

We gain the ability to properly recharge, gain clarity and let go of what no longer serves us.

But first, we have to slow down to be able to speed up.

Reflect for a moment… What areas in your life feel stagnant, heavy, or in the Winter phase?

Episode time stamps

00:31 Understanding the Winter Phase

5:43 Winter Phase: Slow Down to Speed Up

8:46 Reflection: “What areas in your life feel stagnant or heavy?”

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Episode 12; Embracing the seasons of life and business to create alignment.

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