Episode 19: Realign With Your Gifts with Cara Jones

In this episode, Cara Jones joins Corin to share her story and what it means to live in alignment with our gifts in whichever stage you are in life.

We get a glimpse into Cara’s journey:

  • From standing in a stadium with 10,000 other couples in South Korea,
  • Life as a television news reporter,
  • The creation of a film production company that would create short films for non-profits,

Which realigned her to where she is today as a visibility coach who helps healers reclaim and untether their voice.

Each stage brought her closer and closer to being this iteration of herself now by exploring one hidden box at a time—Which we typically hide in the closet until we have the capacity to open them up and explore them again. 

Often the parts that we shame away hold a special kind of magic in our leadership when we can call them back. 

Gentle note: This is an invitation to look at what part of yourself has been hidden or disowned only once you are ready.

As Cara states, for many of us, it’s survival. However, this invitation is for you to look at what part of yourself can come back out in service of your life’s journey and work.

Here are a few questions to help you start your journey back home within:

What have I learned?

What do I care about as a result of that struggle?

What do I care about more than anything?

Make sure to listen to Cara’s powerful story and find out how you can live in alignment with your gifts at this stage of your life. 

Episode time stamps

00:00 Introduction

2:05 Cara Jones’ story 

11:09 How to really claim back your story and realign with your gifts

23:16 Giving time and space for your hidden parts

26:46 Wrap up

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Everything Corin shares on this podcast are her truth, lessons, and musings.

What she shares may resonate deeply with you, and it may not. Whichever it is for you is completely okay.

I invite you to listen to your truth, to take what you need from each episode, and leave the rest.

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Love, Corin