Episode 20: The danger of the rescuing and fixing mentality. And how this impacts your success.

Why is the rescuing and fixing mentality so harmful to us?

When we observe our world and the world around us, we are constantly bombarded with signals that say we are broken, that we need fixing, that our business needs fixing, our body needs fixing, our finances and relationships, literally everything needs fixing.

When we approach something with the mentality of ‘it needs fixing’ or ‘it needs rescuing’, then it will always seem to be broken as we would be approaching it from a fear-based mentality. 

Yet when we stop trying to rescue or fix and change our perspective to wholeness, we start to align to our true self and enrich our life and business.

With this awareness, assess and observe things before you bring it into your life so it can become magical and deeply rewarding from the inside out.

Start thinking about what is playing out for you in your personal life and business and observe the dynamics that might occur when you approach something, someone, or even yourself with the fixing or rescuing (aka fear) mentality.

Everything Corin shares are her truth, lessons, and musings.

I invite you to listen to your truth, take what you need from each episode, and leave the rest.

Episode time stamps

00:30 Why the rescuing and fixing mentality is harmful for us

1:18 Story on fear-based mentality

4:36 Corin’s experience on rescuing and fixing

8:05 How to stop the fear-based mentality

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