Episode 22: Our body, nervous system, history, beliefs, emotions, intuition, and business are not separate.

Did you know there is an interconnectedness between your body, nervous system, history, beliefs, emotion, intuition, and business?

This deeply affects how we react to different circumstances, especially when we are stressed, burnt out, or uneasy.

Being an entrepreneur can bring up all of these pieces of us more often than when we’re in a 9 to 5 job—And to navigate and create flow can feel even harder, sometimes even foreign to us.

With Corin, we look at the dynamics of our body, nervous system, history, beliefs, emotions, intuition, and business; we gain insight into how each aspect influences the other.

Corin addresses the most common misconception, which is to address our beliefs from an intellectual, mindful, or spiritual practice and hope that this will change the dynamics we are having in our life and business.

This only gets us so far before we hit a plateau and end up feeling stuck.

Tune in to this episode to explore this concept further.

Everything Corin shares are her truth, lessons, and musings.

I invite you to listen to your truth, take what you need from each episode, and leave the rest.

Episode time stamps

00:30 Exploring the interconnectedness of the body, nervous system, and more

3:31 Connection with the nervous system

6:28 Connection with our intuition 

9:07 Our business can’t fully support us and thrive when we do this

11:36 Having a regulated nervous system

14:35 Fight or flight reset exercise

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