Episode 23: Listen to your body’s wisdom with Shannon Plummer

Join us in this episode with Shannon Plummer, a transformation guide and soul synergist. Shannon helps women break free from old patterns to live truly who they are in life, work, and love.

Shannon shares her personal story and how it got her to where she is today with her body of work.

We look into how we can feel good in our mind, our body, and how we can take care of our emotional needs through deep trust and acceptance in oneself. 

Here are some gentle practices to help you reconnect with your body’s wisdom:

  • Take the time to pause
  • Breathwork
  • Journal without judgment
  • Allow yourself to be guided by what lights you up

Listen in to learn more on what happens when we are not feeling good in our mind, body and soul, and the gentle ways we can guide ourselves to deep trust and acceptance.

Episode time stamps

00:35 Introduction

1:21 Why people are not feeling good in their bodies

2:43 Shannon’s story and gentle acceptance

7:26 Nourishing yourself in more alignment with who you are

10:10 Gently honor your emotions

15:10 We hold so much wisdom within

17:31 Lacking a community

21:39 Listen to your body’s wisdom

27:04 Wrap up 

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Everything Corin shares on this podcast are her truth, lessons, and musings.

What she shares may resonate deeply with you and it may not. Whichever it is for you is completely okay.

I invite you to listen to your truth, to take what you need from each episode, and leave the rest.

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Love, Corin