Episode 25: Battleground vs. fertile ground; Breaking through your shame cycle and befriend your shadow.

Shame is such a big part of our culture and social conditioning.

Being stuck in a shame and guilt loop holds us back from experiencing life fully and also showing up as our most aligned, abundantly successful selves.

Making peace with the shadow parts of us that we have been conditioned to shame helps us to break free from the vicious cycle of never being enough and step into a more aligned and fulfilling life and business as we are beings of duality.

We often only allow some parts of us to come through and be visible, while we shame other parts within us by hiding them. 

Yet it’s in owning our duality that makes us whole again.

In this episode, we start to work with our shadow parts lovingly and inquisitively, which helps us to embody them and align with our most authentic soul self.

Corin talks about her experience in making peace with her duality as a mom and transformational life coach.

She explains why wholeness comes from us being all of us, even the parts we are often conditioned to hide and fix.

The more we love ourselves, the more we can love others.

This creates a fulfilling fertile ground where we can show up in our lives and businesses more fully as ourselves and create an impact in alignment with who we truly are as we no longer try to fit in and be someone we are not.

All of who you are is needed. It’s your time to claim and own it.

Inner exploration questions: 

1. What do you need?

2. What can I help you with?

3. Tell me more.

Episode time stamps

00:31 Shame is a big part of our society’s culture

1:37 Corin’s journey to wholeness

4:20 Inner Exploration through Shadow Work

11:30 Reclaiming your light

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Love, Corin