Episode 26: You can’t succeed as long as you focus on fixing! Let’s explore the dynamics that are playing out.

When we constantly find ourselves in the rescuing and fixing mindset, the actions we take are based on external stories and conditions that we have been taught to live by. 

This approach sets us up for failure, as we are disconnected from our true selves, unable to create the building blocks of connection, alignment, success, and vitality.

It’s crucial for us to break free from this cycle of fixing and rescuing by peeling off the conditioning that keeps us stuck in this mindset.

As we align with our true selves and live in connection, our lives can unfold in magical ways, allowing our soul to experience the deep impact and fulfillment it came here to experience.

Episode time stamps

00:34 Exploration: How we set ourselves up for failure with the fixing mindset

3:12 The rescuing and fixing mentality

5:34 We end up blaming, shaming, and guilting ourselves 

9:50 How our nervous system reacts to the fixing mentality

14:12 Long-term effects of this mindset

15:02 Change from “fixing” into “alignment”

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Love, Corin