Episode 27: The relationship between disease and the not-self.

When we experience imbalances in our physical being it shows us that we are living from a “not self” way of being.

This is when our coping mechanisms are online, and we experience life through the lens of the persona we have learned to be—To be safe in the world around us. 

Once we come back to our body, honoring the wisdom she shares with us, we develop this deep connection to our truest version of self where the disease can soften, and more ease can start to immerse within our experiences.

As our body holds all the answers, it holds the answers to guide us back to our most aligned self.

To bring more awareness to your body, try to become more aware of the sensations you experience in your everyday life.

Take note of how you feel and what sensations that are present for you after different tasks and interactions.

Become exquisitely aware of what energizes you, fuels you, and what depletes your energy in the process.

Over time, this will help you develop a much deeper connection with your authentic being and guide you to your most authentic life. 

00:34 Exploration: How we set ourselves up for failure with the fixing mindset

3:12 The rescuing and fixing mentality

5:34 We end up blaming, shaming, and guilting ourselves 

9:50 How our nervous system reacts to the fixing mentality

14:12 Long-term effects of this mindset

15:02 Change from “fixing” into “alignment”

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Love, Corin