Episode 28: Overcoming Shiny Object Syndrome

Do you constantly find yourself:

  1. Struggling to find safety in consistency
  2. Being naturally drawn to the excitement
  3. Or feel like no one can do the work for you — As no one can do it as well as we do?

This episode is for you.

Together, we explore the search for transformational experiences and how they can be used as an excuse to avoid doing the implementation and embodiment work necessary for truly sustainable change.

Many of us have experienced this in our lifetime: Diving into a program, coaching program, or attending a retreat in search of powerful breakthroughs.

Yet once we return home, we often don’t have the capacity to integrate these breakthroughs into our daily lives and end up constantly searching for the next transformation.

This desire for more transformation can make integration seem boring and slow-paced, leading us to seek out more exciting experiences in the name of personal growth and success. However, this can be counterproductive and prevent us from creating the lasting change we truly desire.

Our tendency to seek out new experiences can often be linked to our core wiring and the wounds we have received throughout our lives.

In this episode, we discuss how this dynamic can play out and explore ways to overcome it. By embracing consistency and focusing on implementation work, we can create sustainable change and achieve our goals.

Tune in and learn how to break the cycle of constantly chasing transformational experiences and start creating lasting change in your life.

Episode time stamps

00:33 A transformational breakthrough

1:44 Integration: It can be perceived as boring or slow-paced

2:26 Dynamics of shiny object syndrome 

6:58 Building resources for self-care

9:27 Corin’s story: The gift of surrendering

11:55 Wrap up

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Love, Corin