Episode 30: Conversation with Laura Lee, about shame and developing more passion in our lives.

In this episode, I speak with a dear friend and colleague, Laura Lee.

Laura Lee helps women trade feelings of “not enoughness” for self-trust and possibilities.

She explains that when we feel stuck in self-doubt, we may not recognize it as shame, which can be a soul-crushing feeling of not being enough just as we are.

This feeling can stop us from our creativity, innovation, and light—Only to lead us back into the vicious cycle of withdrawal from life.

We all experience shame in some way, shape, or form. Our individual experiences often look like people pleasing, having a harsh inner critic, overthinking and procrastination.

Yet it all often stems from cultural conditioning: Being told we’re being too big, too small, too quiet, and so much more.

Once we normalize this experience of shame, it can help us understand how it plays out for us and gives us deep insight on how to rebalance back to our true self.

Wish to trade those feelings of “not enoughness” with acceptance and more self-trust? Make sure to tune into this episode.

Episode time stamps:

00:32 Intro 

3:34 The different shapes and forms of self-doubt 

7:44 Our inner judge 

12:36 Our family and shame 

18:48 Laura Lee’s story 

22:47 Tip for listeners 

30:55 Get out of the fixer and into creator 

37:55 Wrap-up 

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Love, Corin