Episode 31: We are living in a worldwide epidemic. And it’s not the one you might think of!

We are living in a worldwide epidemic. And it’s not the one you might think of!

In this thought-provoking episode, I dive deep into the thought-provoking topic around the constructs of society. Our society has trapped us in a vicious cycle of needing to “fit in” and the constant need to improve ourselves.

I challenge the notion that we need to fix ourselves through healing modalities and instead encourage listeners to connect with their truest, most embodied selves.

By bringing awareness to our bodies and the wisdom they hold, we allow ourselves to release the need to push beyond our limits and embrace a more aligned way of being in both life and business.

Listen in as I share personal stories, including my own experience with challenging health situations which constantly remind me to rest and listen to my body’s wisdom.

Here is some food for thought:

  1. What if your body was holding the truth and wisdom you are looking for to create the fulfillment and abundance you are craving?
  1. What if your body was trying to guide you into a more aligned way of being in both life and business? Would you be able to stop blaming it and release the fostered sense of it holding you back?

Join me on this episode to gain awareness on the hard truths of our society, and embrace a new perspective on success, abundance, and the power of your body’s wisdom.

Episode timestamps:

00:33 There is a worldwide epidemic

3:50 Moving through life in a disembodied way of being 

5:19 Reflection questions

7:00 Corin’s guiding light

9:07 Stop existing and start living

11:03 Your personal invitation

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