Episode 33: Build a Thriving Life and Business from the Inside Out.

Do you constantly find yourself overworking or feeling anxious about how to create a business that allows you to have your dream life?

It’s a common feeling for all women entrepreneurs, business owners, and CEOs.

The thing is, when we are following someone else’s definition of dream of success, we design our work, lives, and everything around it.

We end up creating a solution from this disconnected, misaligned way of our being and follow someone else’s dream instead of our own.

But to get out of this cycle, we need to create alignment first.

It starts with our physical body, environment, nervous system, mind and body, intuition, and soul alignment.

Join me on the last episode of Season 1 to gain awareness on how you can do life and business with more ease by honoring the interconnectedness of your body.

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I am so grateful for you being on this journey with me and I can’t wait to join you again in August, 2023.

Episode timestamps:

00:32 How to do life and business with more ease—The first step is to gain awareness

1:52 Physical body and our environment

4:03 Nervous system safety

5:23 Mind and body

6:46 Intuition

9:09 Bliss body

9:47 Soul Alignment

10:23 Everything is intertwined–Our business and personal life

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Love, Corin