Episode 34: When, not now, when are you going to live your life and thrive?


Welcome back to Season 2 of the Embodied Thriving Self™ Podcast with Corin Hinderegger.

A warm welcome back to a new season of the podcast, Corin talks about the transformative power of resting and how to shift from “fixing” into “being.”

As soul-led entrepreneurs, healers, transformative coaches, creatives, and changemakers, it’s so important to engage in our own inner work.

Once we take care of our nervous system, it opens up such a rich, fertile ground for deep life-altering transformation.

Join Corin as she shares her personal experiences of overextension and offers tools to help you create space for aligned things to enter your life.

Episode time stamps:

00:30: Introduction

1:04: Healing from hustle culture

4:07: Corin’s recent personal experiences

8:06: The connection between our business and self-discovery

11:53: Corin’s story from “fixing” into “being”

18:33: What our nervous system needs to feel safe

18:51: Easy ways to shift from “fixing” into “being”

23:01: Changemakers, inner work, and impacting our clients

24:02: An open invitation for you

27:13: Wrap-up

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Everything Corin shares on this podcast are her truth, lessons, and musings and does not replace professional support.

What she shares may resonate deeply with you and it may not. Whichever it is for you is completely okay.

I invite you to listen to your truth, take what you need from each episode, and leave the rest.

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Love, Corin