Episode 34: Nurturing Your Nervous System: Creating Safety Within to Facilitate Lasting Transformation


Are you trapped in a constant cycle of fixing and hustling?

Join Corin as she shares her personal experiences of overextension and offers tools to help you create space for aligned things to enter your life.

If you’re feeling stuck in a cycle of constant striving, always seeking external solutions to internal struggles, and constantly chasing after the next quick fix for sustainable transformation, then you are not alone! Despite your best efforts, you may find yourself repeating the same patterns, unable to break free from the cycle of temporary relief followed by disappointment. Instead of experiencing true, lasting transformation, you may feel trapped in a never-ending loop of unfulfilled promises and unattained goals.

Slowing down and nourishing ourselves is not only beneficial and needed for ourselves, it is also needed for our sustainable business success and how impactful we are – Corin Hinderegger

Discover Rest and Balance
The art of discovering rest and balance plays a transcendent role in achieving sustainable transformation. The constant hustle culture can often blind us, making us forget the transformative power that rest holds. Embracing rest and balance in our lives not only nourishes our well-being but it also catalyzes impactful outcomes for sustainable business success.

Overcome Pressure to Work
In a culture that glorifies work, breaking free from the pressure to be constantly on the move is integral to shifting from a fixing mode to a state of being. This constant need to strive for perfection can impact our health, well-being, and overall success. Overcoming this habit and recognizing its adverse impact is the first step toward achieving a sustainable transformation.

Embrace Being Present
Living in the present is a potent antidote against chasing after external validation. Being present ensures that we are not distracted by our past failings or future anxieties, allowing us to experience life fully. It fosters growth and alignment and ultimately leads us towards a more sustainable transformation.

  • Visit my website to listen to previous episodes of the Embodied Thriving Self Podcast and learn more about the health-wealth connection.
  • Take the time to rest and nourish yourself to create a balance within your being and allow abundance to flow to you easily.
  • Consider embracing seasons of work and seasons of rest, especially if you have a defined heart center, to experience transformative growth.
  • Reflect on your value and challenge the conditioning that you always have to be on to be of value. Embrace the discomfort and pause to reassess what works and what needs to be tweaked.
  • Recognize the importance of nurturing yourself and giving from your overflow to be more supportive and impactful in your business and personal life.
  • Practice nervous system hygiene by checking in throughout the day and bookmarking difficult moments to regulate your system and experience glimmers of safety.
  • Explore my website for resources and tools to support sustainable transformation and change in both your life and business.
  • Consider booking a Deep Dive coaching session with me to dive deeper into aligning with your soul and becoming your most authentic and thriving self.
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The key moments in this episode are:

00:30: Introduction

1:04: Healing from hustle culture

4:07: Corin’s recent personal experiences

8:06: The connection between our business and self-discovery

11:53: Corin’s story from “fixing” into “being”

18:33: What our nervous system needs to feel safe

18:51: Easy ways to shift from “fixing” into “being”

23:01: Changemakers, inner work, and impacting our clients

24:02: An open invitation for you

27:13: Wrap-up

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I invite you to listen to your truth, take what you need from each episode, and leave the rest.

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Love, Corin