How not to burn out quickly… & why following someone else’s dreams of success is not the answer to fulfillment & purpose.

A few months ago, I got a wakeup call that I lost the connection to my dreams and followed someone else’s. I know this issue can be painful and runs deep for many, but I hope it gives you strength and inspiration.

2017-2018 was a significant business shift for me. I finally hired a business coach and felt called to support my clients on a much deeper, more fulfilling journey.

I was so committed and had a few subtle shifts, yet it felt so off for me. There were way too many “have to’s” that this coach asked me to take.

There were tons of things on the to-do list to be successful. And the worst part was for me to send out lots of emails; being “on” all the time was exhausting.

Fast forward, I went through a rebrand process (you know this is what you have to do to be successful).

I followed what the professionals told me to do and focus on pain points, etc., even though it felt off for me. After one and a half years, it was all finally finished and looked beautiful—something to be proud of….

Yet I was on the verge of another burnout. I felt disconnected from my business. Not because the “professionals” gave me the wrong advice, but more so that I lost the personal connection to my DREAMS of success and how I like to feel in life and business.

By the end of 2019, I came more and more back to what really mattered to me. Simplicity, space just to be, slowing down and connecting deeply. With myself, my surroundings, and my clients.

This peace felt so amazing, and deep in my soul, I knew this is what I have to do. So I let go of anything that was not in my alignment. You would think my body would be happy to let go of all the pressure and stress finally.

BUT at the beginning of the year, it sent me into a massive healing crisis (this often happens once we feel our best as we made some aligned decisions) as it finally got the space and opportunity to do so.

I put on 20 points nearly overnight with no apparent reasons, my digestive system started to play up, and my joints started to ache. I felt old and uncomfortable, yet I knew it carried a huge gift.

The gift for me was to go even deeper, listen carefully to what my body wisdom had to tell me, and to let go of all that no longer served me.

Honestly, it has been a journey over the last few months, yet I feel better and more connected to my true self, really at home in my body and my purpose that I have had in a very long time.

This experience over the last few years has been a crucial part in my growth, and I still feel blessed to have walked it as I have grown and learned one of the most important lessons for me: what it is to stay true to my Dreams and not to follow someone else’s dreams.

Are there areas in your life where you follow someone else’s dreams, and how does this show up in your life? What is your body trying to tell you now, and how does this show up in your abundance?

Since I took time off and spent the time supporting myself and realigned to my dreams, so many amazing things are dropping in again. I truly love how my intuition has come back stronger than ever and guided me to create a beautiful offer I like to share with you.

Embody Your Soul Purpose VIP Retreat:

  • We Meet for 3 hours to dissect what is working in your life and business and where you jumped off the wagon and are following someone else’s dreams.
  • We will be looking into aligned action integrations steps so you can come back and reconnect with your Dreams and way of success in business and life.
  • You will get 3 weeks of accountability email support and 1 x 45 minute follow up session where we address whatever comes up for you to support you fully on your journey home within.

This offer isn’t for everyone, but if you feel called to deeply reconnect and like to take a short cut, support your physical, mental and emotional being at the same time as profoundly reconnect to your soul, this is for you and I love to hear from you. Book your place here or reply to this email.

Love, Corin