Episode 10: Connect to dreams/vision so you can commit and stay on track with consistent action steps with Michelle Spalding.

What is your version of success?

In this episode, Corin is joined by her dear friend, Michelle Spalding, in the discussion of soul-crafted success and success on your own terms.

Once we let go of success from the perspective of society, gurus, friends, and family, we are able to dig deep and find our own version of authentic success.

It’s not about the big office, hiring a large team, or large amounts of money.

It’s not a linear journey, nor is it the same as the person next to you.

Listen in and gain ideas on how to create your own soul-crafted version of success—You deserve it.

Episode time stamps 

00:32 Introduction: What is soul-crafted success

2:41 Michelle’s journey in creating her own version of soul-crafted success 

3:40 Balance between business structure and flow

11:07 The definition of success is different for everyone 

13:04 Client story: Following someone else’s version of success 

18:12 Michelle’s soul-crafted success in life and business

23:57 Tips in creating your soul-crafted success 

27:40 Wrap up

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Everything Corin shares on this podcast are her truth, lessons, and musings.

What she shares may resonate deeply with you and it may not. Whichever it is for you is completely okay.

I invite you to listen to your truth, to take what you need from each episode, and leave the rest. 

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Love, Corin