Episode 24: Is your body a pressure cooker about to burst that holds you back from succeeding?

Is your body asking for your support?

If you’re pushing yourself to levels of success beyond what your mind and nervous system are ready to experience at this stage of your life—It will likely result in burnout, exhaustion, illness, or injury.

Your body will literally stop you in your tracks.

If the level of money, clients, and success you are striving for doesn’t feel safe within your nervous system, your body will forcefully stop you from having it.

Our nervous system will do everything in its power to stop us if it feels threatened. And as the unknown always feels threatening or foreign to us we need to befriend our current situation first so we can build the capacity to create safety within the new without creating more activation within our experience.

Corin shares her experience on how her physical being showed her loud and clear when she was disconnected from herself and followed someone else’s definition of success and how it guided her back to her most aligned self.

I hope this helps you to notice what patterns might be playing out in your life or business and inspires you to honour your own body’s wisdom and the powerful guidance your body shares with you if you let it.

Episode time stamps

00:30 Introduction

1:17 Your body never lies

5:14 Corin’s story: From a challenging situation to a powerful catalyst  

10:33 Integrating your body’s wisdom

16:06 Wrap up: Full circle healing

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What she shares may resonate deeply with you and it may not. Whichever it is for you is completely okay.

I invite you to listen to your truth, to take what you need from each episode, and leave the rest.

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Love, Corin