Episode 21: Inner Journey, Reset your Stress, and Reconnect to your Aligned Flow.

Have you been feeling called to reset your stress levels and reconnect to your aligned flow?

We either experience love or fear in our lives. These are the primal life forces. 

However, today I invite you to choose love.

When we start to talk negatively, it’s rooted in fear. Because of this, we mostly experience stress and anxiety and constantly find things to fix.

Yet when we act in love, we are deeply grounded, aligned, and connected to our true selves.

Life is abundantly beautiful when we are ready to see it and are in alignment with who we truly are.

Revisit this meditation as often as you feel called; to support you in coming back to a place of love.

Episode time stamps

00:32 Today, choose love

2:05 Meditation to reset your stress levels and reconnect to your aligned flow

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Love, Corin