My Whole Story

I remember vividly crying rivers on my first day at school. I was trying to hide my blushed cheeks and big crocodile tears behind my long wavy hair that I hated. But at this moment, it somehow made me feel a little safer as it helped me hide.

Wearing a pink dress all girled up, it was just not me. Flooded by overwhelming emotions, I just wanted to sink into the ground and disappear. I had no idea where I was ending, and all the kids and the loud noise were starting. 

All I wanted to do was spend time in my sanctuary, nature, where all of me was welcome.

Sitting at school, trying to understand what the teacher was trying to teach us, trying to cope with all the noise and ever-increasing overwhelm I felt day in and day out paralyzed me. 

Coming home did not feel any better. With all the expectations, the pressure was unbearable. I was not able to learn to read fluently at the speed that was expected; the already excruciating pressure I experienced grew. My dad was not able to cope with me being dyslexic. 

In an act of rebellion from this deep inner calling to stop fighting what my parents, especially my dad wanted me to be and look. I convinced my aunt to get me a haircut.

I finally felt like myself for a fleeting few hours till my parents came to pick me up. The face of my mum turned pale, and the face of my dad deep red. He started yelling, “what have you done” both my parents had a cry about the beautiful hair that was gone, and once again, the feeling that it was ok for me to be me vanished. 

I kept getting the message over and over that I do not belong; my intuition and my gift of seeing what is happening in other people and needs some attention were not valid, so I disconnected more and more.

After years of numbing, trying to fit in, and bursts of rebellions, one crisp spring day,I decided, as I often did when feeling stressed, to go horseback riding.  As I walked into the stables, I felt a deep sense of lightness I had never experienced before. I turned around to see the most beautiful foal standing in front of me.. I learned his name was Wondeik. His eyes pierced deep into my soul, and for the first time in my life, I felt truly seen. 

Meeting Wondeik was like meeting myself, a mirror of the intuition that had been whispering within me all along now in animal form. As I learned, with his help, to listen to my heart and body, my life began to flow.

This flow brought with it physical and financial well-being.

Between 2008 and 2018, I easefully created a 6 figure coaching practice with worldwide clients. It happened without an online presence, all while raising 3 kids at home. 

As my children grew and the demands of motherhood kicked in, I found myself resisting the season I was in and distracted by self-imposed pressure to make my business grow. Instead of spending time with myself and Wondeik, 

I hired a Business Coach and a branding expert with the intention of bringing my work to more people. I was left with a list of rules of how to do things and who to be. Before I knew it was that girl in the pink dress again, feeling like someone, I was not. 

Connected to definitions of success and fulfillment that were no longer mine, my business looked great from the outside in. I still made 6 figures, yet the cost to run my business was exponential and deeply draining. My bottom line changed drastically to way less than I had before, and I no longer only attracted clients that were a full body, yes to support. 

Then one day in February 2020, my body had enough. I was on the couch resting for a moment before I had to pick up the boys. As I was going to get up, a deep sharp pain in my abdomen got me to a halt. I sank right back into the couch. I could hear this voice within me, loud and clear. “If you are not listening, we will make you listen.”

I spent the rest of 2020 on the couch, investigating what was going on and coming back to who I truly was. 

I came back to my body and my greatest teacher, Wondeik. 

Just like I did when I was younger, I had to unbecome who I learned to be and become my most aligned self.

This experience changed everything for me and gave me an even deeper understanding of a principle that now guides all my work: 

When our body is in alignment with our soul, we can honor the season of life we’re in, and everything starts to flow.

The role Wondeik played for me in bringing me back to myself is now the way I help my clients. I hold space for you to discover who you are underneath any titles and rules you may have inherited about who should be.  I use my intuitive gifts to support you in owning your truest gifts and aligning with your body and soul. Our businesses are truly just an extension of who we are, and as we take care care of ourselves, we take care of business. Just like it did for me, this alchemical process will bring ease and magic to your life and work.