Episode 32: Connecting to the Soul of Your Business.

This act of pure love can benefit you and your business.

In this episode, we explore the essence of your business so you can create a powerful impact without sacrificing your well-being.

Women entrepreneurs tend to ignore their business energetics and focus solely on strategy. While it is all very important, it leaves them burning out and makes them wonder why their efforts aren’t working.

The missing piece is to expand your capacity and create a sense of safety within yourself.

By doing this act of self-love, we experience a lighter way of being in business and serve our clients on a deeper level.

No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, I trust this practice will support you and invite more flow and ease into your life.

Join me on this inner journey of embracing the energetics of your business to experience a soft, loving approach to entrepreneurship.

Episode time stamps

00:33 The powerful effect of connecting to the essence of your business

4:40 Connecting to the soul or essence of our business is a very loving act

6:25 Inner journey visualization

22:56 Wrap up

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Love, Corin