Episode 11: Guided Meditation to Create Success and Abundance.

We have been conditioned to only allow ourselves to be happy when we achieve a certain goal and achieve society’s or version of success.

Instead of connecting to our North Star, we connect to other things which are out of alignment from our true selves and our purpose.

We overachieve and get stuck in hustle culture, often leaving us frustrated, drained, and overworked.

Life is supposed to be fluid, we need to have the opportunity to create a version of flow that is aligned with our true being. 

In this episode, we journey into a powerful meditation and visualization so you can let go of this attachment to succeed.

Instead, surrender to the moment so your inner compass can recalibrate and guide you back to alignment, ease, flow, and a joyful life.

Gentle note: Everything Corin shares on this podcast are her truth, lessons and musings.

I invite you to listen to your truth, to take what you need from each episode and leave the rest.

Episode time stamps

00:31 Introduction

00:56 The effect of society’s conditioning on us

3:17 Powerful Meditation and Visualization

13:01 Wrap up

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Love, Corin