Episode 9: Creating success and abundance on your terms.

In this episode, we’re talking about creating success and abundance on our own terms.

Often we set out to create success and abundance by following someone else’s idea of success–And that’s where things go wrong, as it’s not in alignment with who we truly are. 

This can look like the need to get that fancy house, that job, that ‘perfect’ partner… Fill in the blank, whatever it is for you. Yet we would only end up feeling more disconnected and lost.

It might not be aligned with what success is supposed to be for us on an individual basis.

This holds us back from the most authentic version ourselves. So today I’m covering ideas on how to change and rewire this so you can do life and business in more alignment.

Episode time stamps 

00:33 Introduction: Creating success and abundance on our own terms. 

5:18 Success feels like freedom to me. It might not be the same for you and that’s okay. 

8:13 We need to support our capacity to grow into our version of success. 

12:20 Recap of success and abundance before we dive into building our capacity.

15:10 Ask yourself: what does success and abundance mean to you? 

20:28 Making it work with some puzzle pieces even if they do not feel that great. 

24:12 The more we say yes to ourselves, the more we fill up our own cup.

25:07 Abundance and success are a given as they are our birthright.

31:48 The three C’s create a sense of safety so we can build our capacity. 

38:57 Fight or Flight Vagus Nerve Reset exercise

44:12 Wrap up: Reflection 

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